Flail Mulcher: It is used for chopping post-harvest plant residues (stubble) left in the field. It breaks down the stalks and plant residues left by the combine harvester after harvesting crops into small pieces. It allows plant residues to crumble and mingle beneath the soil. If requested, it can also be used as green grass mower.

*Thanks to the flail mulcher, plant residues mingle beneath the soil and amount of organic matter of the soil is regained to the soil. In this way, organic life in soil is sustained and a soil rich in organic matter and more fertile is obtained for another cultivation period.

*It crumbles wet plant residues and stalks easily.

*It is also used to mow living scapus and offshoot.



*International 3 Bracket Cat II Joint System

*A shaft with diameter of 13/8’’z6 with pto shielded and with 6-spline

*A gearbox supplying 750 rpm PTO; 1900 rpm rotor speed

*8.26 in.-high and 3.93 in.-thick Y blades

*4-5 (280-320) transmission strap; powertrain assembly from single point

* Height-Adjusted Flat Roller

*Front Protection Chain

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