Produced by KOYLU AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO, the soil cutter take its power from PTO and connects the tractor with 3 point linkage system.The rotovator (with 160-185-210-235cm in measures) which is used as a secondary tillage tool is especially used for garden and field operations in order to prepare seed bed and mix fertilizers into the soil while cultivating. The machine has a strong horizontal pipe and the vertical blades connected to the flange. When the soil is cut with the help of these blades it is thrown back and is crashed to steel cover, which causes its crumbing.
The machine has a strong and horizontal pipe, the blades connected with flange as vertical. The soil that these blades cut thrown back and crashes to steel cover, this process causes to separate and mix the soil. The soil cutter is painted orange and smoked colour and there is a label of manufacturer.



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